Goddess Trixi’s Fractured Plaything HD and 4K


I’m in the mood to play….and  you know I always get everything I want.

Item description

I’m in the mood to play….and  you know I always get everything I want. Come here to Me and sit down in this comfortable chair. You seem a little nervous, are you afraid of what I might do to you? You know that no mater what I do you will enjoy it… you know you will. So there’s no need to worry at all. Just take off all your clothes and sit back and relax. Let Me get My soft rope and tie you nice and tight. I know you’re getting so excited already, just feeling Me slide My soft ropes over your skin, pulling them so tight. The more rope I add the less you can move. Feeling your body becoming more and more immobilized. Now that you are nude and unable to move how do you feel? Excited? maybe you’re still a bit nervous and scared not knowing what I’m going to do to you? feeling that excitement building now as I sit on your lap and look into your eyes. Feel Me on your naked body. Hmm what shall I do to you? are you afraid? maybe you should be haha. I want to play with your mind a bit. Nothing gets me hotter than knowing I’m DEEP inside your head. Mmmmm I know you want that too, nothing else feels better than having me so DEEP inside your mind. I want to fracture your mind just a bit right now…..

Starring Goddess Trixi mesmerizing voiceover by Goddess Zenova

Tease with the possibility of a hands free orgasm if you keep yourself on the edge otherwise you just get denied haha


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