Lollipop Mind Fuck JOI 4K


Item description

Hey there, I’m in the mood to play……to have some fun with you. You know you always enjoy playing any and all my games because they always end in the most amazing PLEASURE. That’s right you know they do. You’re already getting hard and excited just thinking about it and I haven’t even told you what we are going to do haha. So for this game I’m going to suck this loonnggg lollipop, that probably doesn’t exactly sound like a game but that’s because I haven’t told you the fun part yet…..I’m going to take you so DEEP first and make it so you can feel everything I’m doing to the lollipop on you! That’s right I’m going to make my lollipop your cock….. and that thought just jumped your excitement up even further, I know it did. Ok it’s time for me to go DEEP inside your mind so you can feel everything I’m doing to my lollipop. I want you to stare at me the entire time so you can get so excited and hard for me….. the more excited you get the deeper you will go, going so DEEP.


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