The Game, Denied or Cum Mystery Ending 1 HD AND 4K


Item description

I know how excited you get just watching me, it gets you so turned on. Imagine how exciting it would be to have me right in front of you? How about we play a little game of chance, It will make it even more exciting. I will take you so deep while you watch me and program you for so much pleasure! You will stroke for me the entire time just watching, stroking and sitting on the edge waiting to just explode in the most amazing orgasm ever BUT the game and the excitement will be in not knowing which ending you get. There are 2 videos with the same title and description, you stare at My big natural DDDs in your face and one ends with a countdown to explode in the most amazing orgasm ever and the other freezes you so you can’t finish. Feeling lucky? I would suggest just buying both haha or try your luck you can always come back and buy the other if you lose haha


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