The Harvest “clean version”

You are here for science to help us to help our kind to help our world. You are here to record important information about the functioning of your human body And to give us your genetic material. In order to do this, I need to directly talk with your subconscious so I will take you deep now. All you need to do is listen. Listen to the sound of my voice take a deep breath and relax good, just relax and let my words flow right through you as I take you so deep. So stare at me now watch me. My voice has a very calming influence over you and you can feel it vibrate through your entire body, relaxing you completely taking you deeper and deeper. I have very special eyes. If you stare into them, you can feel my calming energy and they take you even deeper so that we can get so far into your subconscious.

Synopsis- A sexy alien takes you to her planet through a portal to learn about humans. This is the CLEAN version meaning there is no nudity or direct talk about cumming etc if you would like the JOI version with nudity there are 2 other videos “The Harvest” and ‘Another Harvest” in the store and streaming here on the paid levels

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